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Uncertainties in regional policy-making: how to allocate joint costs of plasmato drugs?

Uncertainties in regional policy-making: how to allocate joint costs of plasmato drugs?
title Uncertainties in regional policy-making: how to allocate joint costs of plasmato drugs?

issue Azienda pubblica - 2020 - 2
publication 01/2020
The cost of plasma-derived drugs (PDDs) – deriving from the fractionation of the blood component plasma – is an unexplored field in the international and national research. In Italy public manag-ers are asked to choose which mix of PDDs to obtain and/or provide; they must choose between different strategies: production in toll agreement, purchase at market/transfer price or a mix of the previous two. The study aims to calculate the costs of PDDs and to reflect on the implication of the results obtained. The analysis is based on the data available in regionally-published docu-ments. The results underscore a lack of cost data and cost elements for public health policies. The study opens future research in this field.

Le coût des médicaments dérivés du plasma (MDP) – dérivant du fractionnement de la composante sanguine plasmatique – est un domaine inexploré dans la recherche internationale et nationale. En Italie, les gestionnaires publics sont invités à choisir la combinaison de FDD à obtenir et/ou à fournir; ils doivent choisir entre différentes stratégies: production à péage, achat au prix du marché/vente ou un mélange des deux précédents. L’étude vise à calculer les coûts des MDP et à réfléchir sur l’implication des résultats obtenus. L’analyse est basée sur des données disponibles dans des documents publiés au niveau régional. Les résultats mettent en évidence le manque de données sur les coûts et d’éléments de coûts pour les politiques de santé publique. L’étude ouvre de futures recherches dans ce domaine.

Il costo dei farmaci derivati dal plasma (FDD) – derivanti dal frazionamento dell’emocomponente
plasma – è un campo inesplorato nella ricerca internazionale e nazionale. In Italia ai dirigenti pubblici è richiesta la scelta di quale mix di FDD ottenere e / o fornire; devono scegliere tra diverse strategie: produzione in accordo di pedaggio, acquisto al prezzo di mercato/cessione o un mix delle due precedenti. Lo studio mira a calcolare i costi dei FDD e a riflettere sull’im-plicazione dei risultati ottenuti. L’analisi si basa sui dati disponibili in documenti pubblicati a livello regionale. I risultati sottolineano la mancanza di dati di costo e di elementi di costo per le politiche di sanità pubblica. Lo studio apre ricerche future in questo campo.

Authors biography

Stefano Marasca

Stefano Marasca is Professor of Business Economics in Department of Management of Università Politecnica delle Marche (Ancona, Italy) since 2000. Author of numerous publications, both national and international, and coordinator of inter-university and local research projects on topics of annual report and integrated reporting, of company evaluation and intangible assets, of strategic control and management control. The case studies have regarded both private companies (profit and non-profit) and public companies and, in particular, health organisations.

Alessia D'Andrea

Alessia D’Andrea is Researcher in accounting since January 2018. Her major research areas and interdisciplinary projects are on cost accounting tools and on the development of economic and business models for the social and healthcare sector; on implementation and development of socio-environmental reporting documents for public and
private companies.

Eva Cerioni

Eva Cerioni is Research fellow in accounting since June 2018. She earned a PhD in “Business economics” on 21/03/2018. In 2014 she holds a degree in Management and Law from the Università Politecnica delle Marche. Her research field regards management accounting and Integrated Reporting.

Giovanna Salvoni

Giovanna Salvoni is a Biologist and Head of the Centre for the compensation of the blood component of the Marche Region. Head of the Regional Centralized Laboratory for the biological qualification of blood components, the virologic evaluation of aspirants blood donors, potential organ donors and haematopoietic bone marrow or circulating progenitors. Regional Head of the hemovigilance and surveillance activity of infectious diseases transmissible with transfusion. She fills scientific and technical tasks at national levels concerning transfusion system. Her research interests concern different aspects of the transfusion medicine themes: in particular, those regarding plasma-derived drugs, virology and molecular biology.

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