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Peer review process

Peer review process Peer review process
Azienda Pubblica is committed to follow a rigorous process of double-blind peer review, by at least two reviewers. The publication of contributions on the Azienda Pubblica takes place on the basis of the following procedure:

  1. The contributions, in Italian or English, with an approximate length of 40,000 characters, must be uploaded to the online platform of the Journal in word format and anonymized. The submission of a contribution to the Journal commits the authors not to propose this contribution for other publications for the duration of the entire evaluation process. Contributions that do not comply with the following conditions will not be admitted to the referee:
    1. the manuscripts submitted to Azienda Pubblica must not have already been published or are being evaluated in other journals or for other publications;
    2. manuscripts must comply with the standards of structure, abstracts, notes, tables, bibliographical references specified below;
    3. any reference that could allow direct or indirect recognition of the authors and consequently undermine a correct referencing process must be avoided.
  2. All the submitted contributions are subjected to scrutiny by the editorial board which, having ascertained their compliance with the aim and scope of the journal and the editorial standards required, sends them, together with the referee form, anonymously, to two referees chosen from the editorial board, the steering committee, the scientific committee and past authors based on their field of expertise.
  3. Regardless of the decision of the referees, their comments are sent anonymously to the authors with the request, if necessary, to make the revisions indicated.
  4. The new draft, accompanied by the letter from the authors in which the changes made in response to each of the referees' findings are described, is submitted to the same initial referees for a definitive judgment (or any request for further changes).
  5. Once the final positive evaluation has been obtained from the referees, the article is accepted for publication.

For more information regarding submission guidelines, see “Author's guidelines”.

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