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Vendita libri gialli, romanzi, gialli, noir, letteratura, narrativa, fantasy, fantascienza, saggistica, varia, manuali su Azienda Pubblica

Azienda pubblica

Azienda Pubblica, founded by IPAS (Institute of Public Administration and Health) - Bocconi University and accredited by AIDEA (the Italian Accademy of Business Administration), welcomes theoretical and empirical contributions on the theme of public management.

Submitted manuscripts are subjected to a double-blind referee process, preceded by an evaluation by the Editorial Board. The authors are asked to select the research strategies most coherent with the topics addressed and to rigorously use the deductive and inductive methods accepted by the scientific community, be they quantitative or qualitative.

At the same time, the journal aims to be a meeting point between the academic world and public sector practitioners, in order to guarantee the relevance of the topics covered and to offer an effective contribution to the better functioning of public sector organizations.

"Azienda Pubblica" is open to contributions and foreign experiences, also through the publication of articles in English.

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